November 17, 2005

Ask Hillary.

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You’ve Got Questions? I’ve got Answers.
Because I’m Very Smart, and You’re … Very Not.

Dear Senator Clinton:

Does Mr. Clinton ever tell you that he misses being President?

Valerie DuFus

Dear Valerie,

Mr. Clinton has never come out and said that to me. However, I think he does miss it, because, on a few occasions, I have seen him standing in front of the mirror with a Federal Express envelope (You know, one of those cardboard things) on his head, and a pair of my black panty hose, with the legs hooked over each of his ears so it looks like a beard, and he recites the Gettysburg Address — No kidding. He doesn’t know I’ve seen him do this, and it is quite amusing.

Dear Hillary,

Do you and Bill ever sing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” together? It’s the one by Meatloaf. You know what I mean? It’s the one where Bill sings the guy’s part, and you sing the girl’s part? It’s really fun!

Tiffany Bridges

Dear Tiffany,

I’m not much for singing (except in the shower LOL), and I haven’t driven a car for years. I do, however, enjoy a tasty meatloaf now and then. But, don’t ask me for a recipe, because I can’t even boil water. LOL

Dear Senator Clinton:

I remember when you made the joke about “Gandhi” driving a taxicab. It really upset many Indians. Are you concerned that many us of are still upset with you over that remark?

Jitendra Ganjooli

Dear Jitendra,

I really didn’t mean any harm by my joke. Hell, I think Tonto rocks!!!. I absolutely love Indians. I even bought some of that really neat turquoise jewelry they make the last time I was in Arizona. Please forgive me. {{{{Hugs}}}}

Dear Senator Clinton:

My wife Wilma and I are interested in knowing how you really feel about George W. Bush.

Walter Demming

Dear alter,

I ant to thank you and your ife ilma for riting such onderfully interesting question.

Did you notice that I rote the anser to your question ithout using the letter that looks like 2 “V’s” together. ROTFLMAO!!!!!

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