November 5, 2005

Terror Alert.

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Please note that tomorrow (Sunday), if things work out, I intend to spend some time fooling with Mr. Template to make some blogroll adjustments. This, for me, is somewhat akin to defusing a nuclear device.

If I am never heard from again, you’ll know what happened.

Manual Labor.

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It was a beautiful sunny day today, with temperatures in the high 60’s – a perfect day to sit outside, relax, enjoy the last breaths of summer –perhaps with a good book. I, however, got to spend the shank of the day kneeling, lying, and contorting in what used to be the vegetable garden, but what became a patch of fully-grown weeds and little trees longing to become big trees. I was tugging things out of the ground with roots as long as my forearm. Everything I own is tired.

I am not a “Man of the Soil,” and manual labor makes my hair hurt.

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