November 6, 2005

Jersey’s Zombie Voters.

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A New Jersey Superior Court judge recently ordered the State of New Jersey to compile a list of all the State’s residents who have died (at age eighteen or older) since 1985. The order arises from a complaint by Republicans that approximately 13,000 people who have died since then still remain on the voting rolls. Indeed, 4,755 of these dead folks managed somehow to vote in last November’s elections!

The State Registrar of Vital Statistics is supposed to file an annual report of deaths in the state, which is then supposed to be provided to the state’s counties to permit the names of the dead people to be removed from the voting rolls.

So, why hasn’t the State Registrar of Vital Statistics been providing the lists? Are you ready?
He did not know that it was his responsibility.

The Jersey Political Swamp still percolates. You can’t make this shit up.

h/t A Different Lemming

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