February 4, 2006

Must be Some Kind of Plot.

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I know that it may be difficult to believe that the following incident took place on the very day after I posted the blog about the curse of cell phones. But, I booshit you not. This happened to me this morning.

I was doing the morning walk and I was passing over the portion of sidewalk that crosses one of the entrance driveways into a convenience store parking lot. A large truck started to zoom directly into the convenience store driveway from the street and had to suddenly stop about two feet away from me in order to keep from sending me to the hereafter. I damned near shit myself. There were two women in the truck and one of them (the driver) was blabbing on a hand-held cell phone.

Here’s the best part.

It was one of the local ambulances!

The ambulance was obviously not “on call,” as its lights were not flashing and the siren was not blaring. Nope. I’m quite certain that they were making the morning coffee and bun run, as their headquarters is just down the street from the convenience store. The driver was probably taking last minute orders (three coffees, light, no sugar – that kind of thing).

Either that or the paramedics occasionally run down someone on purpose just to stay sharp. I suppose if I have to be hit by a truck, having the truck be an ambulance is probably a good thing.

Farookin’ cell phones. They just may be the death of me. Literally.

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