February 19, 2006

Credit Where Credit is Due.

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Back in December, I posted an open letter to the owner of a local establishment, who operates his place of business only during the warmer months. In the letter, I complained about the owner’s failure to remove snow and ice from the sidewalk following a snowstorm, thereby forcing residents (and his warm-weather customers) to choose between walking on the ice-covered sidewalk and risking broken bones, or walking in the street and risk being clobbered by a car or truck.

Wanting to give credit where credit is due, after the recent blizzard, the snow and ice were properly removed. To the owner: I along with the other residents of this town who use the sidewalks thank you. And, it just may be that a reader had something to do with making this happen. If that is the case, we thank you as well.

That is all.

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