February 22, 2006

Hugh Laurie.

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Laurie House.jpgAbout a month ago, I happened to see an episode of House and was most impressed with the character of Dr. Gregory House, a cynical, hard-edged, American doctor. At a later time I was watching the DVD for Blackadder III, when it was pointed out to me by Mrs. Parkway that Hugh Laurie, the fellow who plays the idiotic, foppish Prince George IV and other characters in the Blackadder series**, as well as the under-worked, over-moneyed and over-butlered Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster is the same guy who plays Dr. Gregory House.

I was incredulous. I would have bet that the guy who playsGregory House is an American, not an Englishman, who was schooled at Eton and Cambridge.

Yo, Jimbo. That’s why they call it ACTING.

I knew that. Carry on.

** Special thanks to my buddy Eric for turning me on to this hilarious series.

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