February 15, 2006

The Vice President.

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I started to write a piece about the Vice President’s hunting accident and the press frenzy that followed it. I had a link to the press conference of February 14, and I focused on several particularly stupid questions that were posed to Scott McClellan. I included a link to a nutcase reporter who managed to figure out a way to work Aaron Burr into his pointless story. Finally, I included a few links to truly disgusting quotes from the Unhinged Left.

Then I decided that the exercise was a waste of time. No matter what I write, or what anyone else writes, those on the Left (and just about all of the MSM) who hate Vice President Cheney will continue to hate him with a seething animus exceeded only by their loathing of President Bush. Nothing will change their minds.

I prefer to think of the incident as a sad case of a man who screwed up and, in the process, caused serious injury to a close friend who understands that his injuries are the result of an accident and who bears no ill will to his friend who caused them.

I think most regular people think of it that way.

There Was Never Any Serious Doubt.

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Elisson, the Wizard of Wipe, has posted the final results of the voting to determine who should be the holder of the title “King of the Crapbloggers”. As you can see, Acidman won in a veritable landslide. And, to remove any doubt about his worthiness of the Title, he posted this, which I view as his taking a well-deserved victory crap lap.

Rob is the Undisputed Crap-daddy.

I’d like to thank the people who voted for me (most probably more than once) and announce that I will be holding a tea and cookies thank-you celebration in a phone booth at a location to be determined.

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