February 26, 2006

Jawja Red Clay.

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Some of my best blog buddies are those in the Jawja Blogging Crew. I’ve been down to their fine state on a couple occasions to do more than a bit of partying, pickin’, and drinkin’. Hell, I even “sampled” some homemade Georgia wine that was so clear one could read a newspaper through the stuff.

But none of my Jawja pals ever pointed me to any Georgia Red Clay.

Georgia Red Clay must be pretty important stuff, because the Georgia General Assembly has introduced a bill naming Georgia Red Clay as “Georgia’s Official Dirt.” (You can read the text of the bill here.)

The next time I visit the Peach State, I want to see what all the fuss is about.

I figure that if Jersey had an “official state dirt” it would be greenish in color and would contain dioxin, heavy metals and traces of DNA from various men of Italian ancestry who have been listed as “missing”.

Via A Secular Franciscian Life

Pizza Topping Quiz. Who Knew?

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I’ll be damned. Jersey Blogger Ken of SmadaNek, in response to this post in which I noted I would treat my case of Blogblock by “taking a quiz,” if I could find one that would tell me what kind of pizza topping I am, pointed me to this site.

It turns out that I am:
PEPPERONIYou smell good but you’re greasy.

It didn’t produce a picture of a pepperoni pizza, but that’s OK; I’ve seen lots of pepperoni pies.

Oh, and I like to think that I smell good, but I’ve never been accused of being greasy (at least not to my faccia).

Thanks, Ken. I think.

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