December 8, 2006


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Nancy and Rosa.

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ancyN eyes.jpgOnce again, PRS Operatives have managed to listen in on a conversation between Nancy Pelosi and her house servant, Rosa. The conversation took place on Nancy’s patio as she was working on her tan.

Rosa: Se&#241ora Pelosi, may I speak with you, please?

Nancy: Dammit, Rosa. I told you yesterday; it’s SPEAKER.

Rosa: Que?

Nancy: It’s SPEAKER. I told you to call me SPEAKER!

Rosa: I’m sorry, Se&#241ora. You weren’t speaking, so I thought I could speak.

Nancy: No, you stupid cow. I wasn’t speaking, but you should call me SPEAKER.

Rosa: I’m sorry Se&#241ora. I don’t understand. I should call you the SPEAKER even when you’re not speaking?

Nancy: Jesus Christ, Rosa! Go ahead and speak?

Rosa: Ah-ha, so I’m the SPEAKER.

Nancy: No, goddammit: I’m the friggin’ SPEAKER.

Rosa: OK, so I’ll be quiet.

Nancy: My God, you are stupid. It’s SPEAKER Pelosi. I want you to call me SPEAKER Pelosi!


Nancy: Well, …. ? What?


Nancy: Jesus Christ, why aren’t you speaking?

Rosa: Because I’m not the Speaker; you are.

Nancy: Just friggin’ shoot me!

Rosa: You want me to shoot you?


Rosa: Oh, OK, Se&#241ora SPEAKER Pelosi.

Nancy: No, no, no, no NO! I should have known better. I should pack your fat ass off to Shitholas, or whatever garbage dump you came from.

Rosa: Que?

Nancy: Forget it. Go put fresh water in the bong. Hilly’s coming over.

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