December 29, 2006

Nancy’s Diary (Vol. 6) — Pissed!

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Dear Diary,

I am sooooooo pissed right now, you have no idea!

After I completed my excellent answers to the Christmas Meme, I thought it would be fun to send it on to Barbra Streisand, because I thought she is really smart and would have fun answering the questions. In fact, I was waiting for a phone call from her thanking me for my thoughtfulness.

But, did I get a phone call? No! Just as I was about to sit down with a bottle of Cristal and some quality herb, I got this freakin’ fax from Babs, in which she went all, like, Jewy on me! She called me a “stupid bitch” and said that she’d like to shove the meme up my ass!

I cannot believe that Hilly and I had planned to invite her to White House parties once Hilly is elected President, with ME as her Vice-President. Hell, we even had the pork-nosed bitch on the short list to become the UN Ambassador. Well, she can damned well forget about that now.

As far as I’m concerned, ol’ Saggy Tits can kiss my traffic-stopping SPEAKER ass!

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