December 11, 2006

A Regal Endorsement.

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Good evenin’ ladies and gentlemen. This is Elvis speaking.

Yeah, I know I’m dead; I didn’t need y’all to tell me that.

It’s just that I heard that Jimbo’s site is in the runnin’ for one of those Weblog Awards, so I thought I’d wait in line to get on one of the computers up here. Hell, I’m still not good with the damned things. Remember, when I arrived at my current address, the whole computer thing was just gettin’ off the ground, and I was too busy bein’ Elvis to pay much attention.

Anyway, there used to be plenty of computers available up here whenever I wanted to use one, but then that Rob Fella moved in, and all of a sudden everybody wants computer time. Getting more hardware and better wireless connections are things we’ll have to discuss with the Boss at the next Town Hall Meeting.

Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know that I’ll be votin’ for Jimbo once every day between now and December 15th (Earth Time), and y’all should do so too.

Why? It’s simple. The boy’s got Elvis in him. Ain’t no doubt about that. His hair is almost as good as mine, he knows his liquor, he’s got the moves, and he loves cheeseburgers.

”Hey Gabriel! We got an hour before rehearsal. See if you can get me a deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich!”

S’cuse me; I was distracted there for a minute.

So, like I was sayin’, you’d make the King verah, verah happy if you’d click on the Weblogs Award Sign over there on the sidebar and vote for Jimbo. To vote in all the categories, click here.

Well, I gotta be goin’. Gabriel just showed up with my sandwich. Service is sure great up here.

Thank you verah much.

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