December 3, 2006

Football? Jimbo?

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Those who hang with me in the real world know that I never watch a football game unless I am, in a sense, part of a captive audience, such as on Sundays at the Post when the Jets or Giants (or some other pro football teams) are on the television. I don’t mind it, and, in fact, I can sometimes even get somewhat caught up in the game. I guess the bottom line is that, given the choice, I would rather occupy my time doing things other than watching football games.

Except for yesterday.

Yesterday, I found myself glued to the television in the House by the Parkway to watch the annual Army-Navy game. I’m not sure why this year was different from past years, when the game would come and go without my having paid any attention to it. Perhaps it was the result of having recently attended a wedding at West Point and having had the chance to chat with some of its recent graduates who are presently serving in the Army, which reminded me of the service that every one of those players on the field yesterday will perform following their graduation.

Of course, I was rooting for Army, but, as has been the case in the past several years, it was to be the Navy’s day. I know that it was a heartbreaker for the guys on the Army team and for the Corps of Cadets, but for me it was an affirmation of the quality of the men and women who will lead our armed forces. There were no fights on the field, no one got in a referee’s face, and after the game, each team stood on the field respectfully while the other team, along with the student body and alumni sang their respective alma maters.

Later in the day, TJ and her husband came over for a visit and a dinner out. After the dinner, we returned to the House by the Parkway watched – yes – another football game on television. This one was Rutgers vs. West Virginia. Given that each of us are graduates of the University on the Banks of the Raritan, we were pulling for Rutgers, but, as you probably know, Rutgers lost in the third overtime. I was a tough one to lose, given that Ol’ Rutgers has never been anything resembling a football powerhouse.

I’ll probably wind up watching the Giants later today at the Post. Maybe there is something to this football thing.

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