December 12, 2006

What They’re Saying …

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Seems that lots of folks are weighing in on the 2006 Weblog Awards.

ikiT Barber.jpg
Tiki Barber
“If Jimbo were on the line, we’d have a lock on the Super Bowl.”

Nancy Pelosi
“Jimbo? So-so hair, no ass, lousy tits.”

“Anybody what doesn’t like clowns is a turd in my book.”

David Letterman
“If Jimbo wrote my material, Jay Leno would be washing cars for a living.”

George Patton
“Vote for the sonofabitch! That is all.”

Yul Brynner
“Screw him and his farookin’ hair.”

Tim Russert
“The guy won’t return my calls. WTF?”

Barbara Walters
“Jimbo? He’s weally a gweat guy with gweat fawookin’ haiw!”

Vote for Jimbo today and every day until December 15th***.
He turns off his phone in restaurants.

***To vote for Jimbo, click the 2006 Weblog Awards button on the left sidebar. You’ll feel like you just had an excellent bowel movement.

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