December 27, 2006

Jimbo’s Deli.

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Deli Sandwich.jpgTaking a cue from the famous Stage Deli in New York City, which names its sandwiches after famous people, Jimbo’s Deli is pleased to offer the following for your dining pleasure:

The Hillary
A jaw-dropping portion of thigh meat, covered with our special “Pretty-in-Pink” sauce and topped with a extra-thick slice of baloney.

The Ted Kennedy
Piles of fatty corned beef, covered with limburger cheese and served between two slices of doughy bread, and the whole thing is marinated in Chivas Regal Scotch. Special Chivas Regal dipping sauce is optional.

The John Kerry
Note: Please check with your server, as the contents of this sandwich change daily, sometimes hourly. However, the “John Kerry” is always served between two warmed over stale waffles.

The Jimmy Carter
Fresh-killed goat, Palestinian figs and chopped peanuts served on anything but Zionist Jewish rye.

The Nancy Pelosi
Special San Francisco hummus layered between two slices of multi-grain flatbread. Note: We regret that the law does not permit us to serve Speaker Pelosi’s “special seasonings”, but you are invited to bring your own. Be sure to plan on a big dessert.”

The Britney Spears
A plain taco. Tuna is optional.


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Looks like Mr. Helpful is closing up shop. Damned shame, that. I met him in Jekyll. Nice guy with a great sense of humor, who has left laugh-out-loud comments on this site. I’ll miss him.

I’ll also miss Liv of not a shrinking violet, who has put her blog on hold, perhaps permanently.

Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Best of luck to them both.

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