May 1, 2007

My Considerate Friends and Readers.

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Apparently of the mind that I need a regular purging of the bowels, you peeps delight in sending me pictures of these farookin’ pre-historic beasts appearing in places where you know I soon will be. Then there are those who send me pictures for the pure joy of scaring the dogshit out of me, such as, Maeve who sent me an e-mail directing me to this picture. And, yes that is a pig in its mouth.

Let’s not forget KeesKennis, who obviously took perverse pleasure in posting this and suggesting that I might want this guy’s croc-feeding gig.

What did I ever do to you insensitive shitballs to deserve this? Let me answer that for you. NOTHING!

May all you sadists who take joy in sending me pictures of giant man-eating reptiles have a case of itchy heiney in a public place and may every single one of you get stuck in Jersey traffic behind a New York driver. Call 1-800-REPTILES. Don’t call me.


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