May 23, 2007

Because The Gators & Clowns Thing Is Getting Kinda Tired

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Parkway Rest Stop reader “Bill” was kind enough to email me the fancy shmancy, multi-syllabic, scientific names of our pal Jimbo’s most notorious phobias, so I thought I’d share them with all of you. Because PRS should be, if anything, a learning experience.

There’s “Batrachophobia,” the fear of crabs, which Jimbo wrote about here. Of course there’s the “Herpetophobia,” a paralyzing fear of alligators, and reptiles in general, which many of you love terrorizing Jimbo with (here’s the “Confession” that started it all). And then there is “Coulrophobia,” an innate fear of clowns, although, he has made it abundantly clear that he does not fear clowns…he just hates them.

Bill also mentioned “Chaetophobia,” a fear of hair, which, we all know, Hairboy does not have. However, I got to thinking, after I saw this Photoshopped pièce de résistance…

rosie o'hairball

…Jimbo may, actually, develop a serious case of the “Chaetophobia”…not to mention, a serious case of the Irreparably Shriveled Stindeens…when he sees this.

h/t to both Denny and V-Man for posting the revolting beast.

Update! To satisfy my own curiosity, I went and had a look-see at a website called The Phobia List and found another bizarre neurosis, worth mentioning, which our pal Jimbo definitely doesn’t have: “Arachibutyrophobia,” the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of ones mouth.

Wow, another exciting example of how posts can sometimes just write themselves.

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