May 19, 2007

Mutiny On The PRS Bounty

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Hello, friendly peeps and fans of our pal Jimbo. Guess what? I don’t actually have the keys for his fancy shmancy House by the Parkway digs, so this, boys and girls, for those of you unfamiliar with the concept, is what’s known as “breaking and entering.” But shhhh…don’t say nothing.

I was weighing the pros and cons of doing such a dastardly deed in my head, wondering, well…he’s such a swell guy…will he be soooper-doooper PO’ed at me? Will he sic the Usuals on me? Only time will tell, but, all’s I know is that he’s far, far away, with the Usuals, and so, for now, I don’t have to worry about getting my kneecaps broken by Paulie and Big Pussy and having a search and rescue squad dig up my Louisville Sluggered remains in the farookin’© Meadlowlands.

So, Jimbo’s in Gator Country…heh…heh…heh. Well, geez…now there is definitely a rich Everglades-sized minefield of banter just waiting to be unleashed on his unsuspecting ass, while he puts a jugunda frackin’ dent in the Sunshine State’s liquor supply soaks up the sun’s rays, and bobs in the crystal clear ocean waters with his buddies.

For starters, I thought it’d be kinda cool to throw a “what if” scenario your way. What if…what if…oh, I dunno…what if alligators also had Great Farookin’ Hair©, too? Kinda hard to imagine, but hey…that’s what Photoshop’s for, ain’t it?

Crikey!, I wish I knew how to do that nifty HTML thing Elisson does, with the “Whip it Out/Put it Back” tag, but, since I’m walking on thin ice as it is, I don’t wanna make stuff too complicated around here. Oh well.

I give you the scary-sick, Weird New Jerseyesque Alligator with Great Farookin’ Hair©. Just don’t stare at it directly, or else your stindeens’ll turn to stone.

Yeah, I’ll definitely be in deep doo-doo for this…Seeja laters, alligators.

(By the way, peeps…this PRS Hijacking would not have been made possible without the able-bodied assistance of “The Nicest Guy in the Blogosphere.”)

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