May 2, 2007

Holy Machiavelli, Batman!

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Seeing as how our former governor, Jim McGreevey, has managed to become a national joke, you have probably heard the latest. It wasn’t enough of a kick in the stindeens to learn that the utterly disgraced Jim McGreevey was still picking the taxpayers’ pockets as a professor of ETHICS, LAW and LEADERSHIP at a state university! No, now we learn that Mr. McGreevey has enrolled in a seminary and will likely become an Episcopalian priest.

The hell of it is, two days ago, my blog buddy Randy from Montana sent me this link, essentially laying out the priest story. Given that the whole thing seemed a bit gossipy, I decided not to write about it, but rather to wait until something popped up locally. As it happens, his ongoing custody battle with his estranged wife was all over the papers. Besides, I had really hoped that the story was not true, as I just want the creep to go away.

Well, now here we are. At the same time that this crud is back on the state payroll and is tying up valuable court time slugging it out in what promises to be an ugly custody dispute, and at the same time that his soon-to-be former wife has published her own account of life with the governor and is making an appearance on Oprah, we learn that he really is doing all things one does to become an Episcopalian priest.

I gotta tell ya. Living in Jersey is a farookin’ adventure.

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