May 15, 2007

Shoe’s Most Excellent Gift.

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I’ll bet Shoe thought I’d forgotten her gift to me. Well, I haven’t. It’s just that I’ve spent all this time since being in Kerrville at the blogmeet marveling at the sheer beauty of a unit such as this. Imagine the fun and unbridled joy of pressing on the elephant’s trunk and having a cigarette pop out of its ass. Pure smoking pleasure, I tell ya.

Admit it. You’re all jealous.

Well, admit it, Gott-dammit!

Mr. Surly immediately appreciated the beauty of this item and said that he knows someone (I know the guy too) who would take up smoking if he were to possess such a unit. I had no idea that Mr. Surly had such a keen, artistic eye.

I will always be very grateful to the alluring Ms. Shoe for presenting me with this valuable piece.

Calm down now and don’t even think about trying to buy mine. Your ownership of one of these is just a click away.

Smoke ’em up.

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