May 3, 2007

Packed and Ready.

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OK, this is the first time (and likely the last) that I have posted any photo that is “R” rated (if you don’t count those images of Hillary and Nancy Pelosi). But, I wanted to share with you the abuse that is heaped on my sorry ass simply because I admit to being scared shitless of alligators. The above body art image was sent to me by Gregor, a fellow Jersey Blogger, knowing that I would soon be in the place where this shit went down. Truly a work of “art”. Thanks, Buddy.

Still, I shall not be deterred. Hell, I already ponied up the scratch for the plane tickets and hotel. Besides, this will be a great opportunity to see old friends and to make a bunch of new ones. Maybe we’ll even find time to have a cocktail or two.

Although I had intended to bring the Rob Guitar, it turns out that the neck needs to be adjusted a tad, so, instead, I will be toting my seriously brandy new axe made with exotic wood to break it in in public as it were. The good news is that the axe is new and so are the strings, so I won’t be sticking little holes in my fingers changing strings. Damn, I can’t bring a gun on the plane, so I hope I don’t have to clobber a gator with my new guitar.

You’ll be able to recognize me. I’ll be the weary lookin’ guy lugging a guitar case who doesn’t talk like anyone else there, except maybe for Erica, but she’s from Brooklyn where they really talk funny.

Yo, see youse guys tomorrow.

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