May 20, 2007

A New Jersey State Of Mind

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Until the real rabble rousers from Montana break out the big guns, which I have personally been privy to (what the heck are they waiting for? Let’s go fellas!), I thought I’d share South Orange native Zack Braff’s Saturday Night Live monologue for all you New Jerseyans/New Jerseyites (whatever the frack youse call yourselves) out there.

Funny, though…that song sounds awfully familiar.

h/t to The Jersey Side’s John Shabe.

Armed Forces Day

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In between the ghastly havoc-wreakage that will take place over here in the next few days (don’t thank me, thank the State of Montana), I thought I’d try and re-ingratiate myself to our favorite vacationing Jersey Boy and publicly apologize to him for the previous post.

Just a reminder that Herr Jimbo is a veteran of the US Army and, were he not currently bleeding dry the Alligator Capital of the World’s booze supply, might have made mention that yesterday was Armed Forces Day.

While this year, Armed Forces Day was celebrated on the 19th of May, May 20th is when the first Armed Forces Day—not unlike Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day in nature—was celebrated, back in 1949, after it was created by President Truman as a way “for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country.”

Works for me.

Listen up, peeps…even though I’m a day late in mentioning it, there’s no excuse for not celebrating the members of our Armed Forces year ’round, so next time you see a veteran (hell—every time you see a veteran), remember to hug or kiss him or her, and thank them for having defended our most excellent country.

That is all.

Update!: This is definitely worth a read, a story about Lt. John Grant Rahilla, a 20 year-old Caldwell, New Jersey soldier who died fighting the Nazis in the Alsace region of France in December 1944.

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