September 17, 2007

Great “News.”

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I can continue to not read Maureen Dowd’s crap in the New York Times, only now I can continue to not read it for free.

Youse Guys Are Rotten.

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gator-arm-bite.jpgOh, youse guys must have read this story (from various sources) and sprinted to your computers to scare the dogshit out of ol’ Jimbo.

Yep, this guy, this guy and even one of the Usual Suspects figured that I very much needed to read about a guy who decided to go snorkeling in a South Caroling Lake, which was posted with “Beware of Alligators” signs only to have his farookin’ arm bitten off by one of those horrid creatures.

Fortunately for this possibly illiterate fellow, a bunch of nurses happened to picnicking on the lake shore (still too close for my money), saw the man flailing about in the water and stopped the massive bleeding, quite probably saving his life.

The 600 pound prehistoric beast was shot, and the fellow’s arm was removed from its stomach and flown to the hospital for possible re-attachment.

I hope the guy comes out of this OK, but snorkeling in a lake in South Carolina where there are “Beware of Alligator” signs?

Dude, not too smart.

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