September 26, 2007

It May be Hopeless.

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I have written for years now about the cesspool of corruption in New Jersey state government, which has made this state a national joke. The rampant corruption has not gone unnoticed by New Jersey’s voters. In fact, a recent Quinnipiac University poll showed that 88 percent of the state’s voters believe government corruption in New Jersey is a “serious problem.” What’s more, a large majority of voters (a 38-24 percent margin) associated corruption with the Democratic Party.

Given the foregoing data, one might logically assume that the New Jersey’s voters who believe that corruption is a serious problem and that it is associated with democrats would be want to vote them out of office this coming November.

The problem is that New Jersey voters are anything but logical.

The poll showed that “54 percent [of those polled] said they are not more likely to vote for a Republican; 48 percent said they’d rather see the Democrats maintain control of the Legislature.”

For some time, New Jersey has been vying with Louisiana for the title of the Most Corrupt State in the Union, and we are getting close. I do believe, however, that we are now tied with Louisiana for having the dumbest goddamned voters in the U.S.

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