September 21, 2007


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It figures. I had been saving a link for a day when I have a case of the Blog Blahs. You know, a day when you don’t feel like writing a farookin’ thing, and you wonder why you ever began this craziness in the first place?

So, I dragged up a really cool video that my friend Brian the Air Force Vet sent me a while back. It is a video of Fats Domino, Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis on the same stage all playing at the same time. Ron Wood was playing bass, and the happening was being orchestrated by Paul Schaffer, who was positively gleeful at being on the same stage with Fats, Ray and Jerry Lee.

It tended to be a tad sloppy, as these things sometimes are, but who cares when you have Musical Giants on the stage?

When I tested the link in advance of posting, here’s what I found.**

That’s about how much of my week has gone.

Here’s what you missed, as noted in the text that accompanied the link as I received it:

The real story about this video… Date was 1986, the video was done at StoryVille Jazz Hall in New Orleans, Participants were Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Ron Wood and Musical Director was Paul Schaffer now with the CBS Orchestra and the Letterman Show. The full title of the VHS video is “Fats Domino & Friends – Immortal Keyboards of Rock & Roll” It was first released October 26, 1988 and again in 1991.

I think you woulda liked it.

** I assume you are seeing a “Forbidden Content” message, referring to copyright infringement. If, by chance, you saw the video and not the “Forbidden Content” message, I hope you liked it.

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