September 25, 2007


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That’s the message sent to the Marine Corps from Stefanie Coyote, the San Francisco Film Commission’s Executive Director in denying the Marine Corps’ request for permission to film the Marine Corps’ Silent Drill Team as part of a recruiting ad on the anniversary of 9/11. Ms. Coyote reportedly stated that the film could be made as long as are “no Marines in the picture.”

Memo to Ms. Coyote and those San Franciscans of like mind: In the event something horrible were to happen in or near San Francisco that would require the assistance of the U.S. Marine Corps or any other branch of the military, you needn’t worry that the military will hold this against you. No, they would do their duty, because they are men and women with a sense of duty, honor and country, a concept, which appears to be foreign to you.


This is OK on San Francisco’s Streets


This is not.

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