September 29, 2007

Jersey Expressions (More Jerseyspeak).

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The following is a collection of expressions that one hears with great regularity in Jersey. Indeed, some are unique to Jersey. I have previously written about Jerseyspeak here, here, and here. Obviously, it is one of my favorite subjects.

Without further ado, here ya go:

1. “How’s da Parkway?” (a traffic inquiry)

2. “How’s da Turnpike?” (another traffic inquiry)

3. “Gimme a Taylor Ham and cheese on a hard roll.” (ordering a staple)

4. “Gimme a slice and a coke.” (ordering pizza, another staple accompanied by a cola beverage)

5. “Gimme a meatball parm.” (ordering a meatball sandwich with melted mozzarella cheese on an Italian torpedo-shaped roll)

6. “Yo!” (Can mean: hello, hey, excuse me, I’m over here, Yeah, I’m talkin’ ta you!)

7. “Yo, Asshole!” (Used often and in countless circumstances)

8. “Aaaaaaaay! Oooooooh!”

9. “Yo, Asshole! Dis ain’t New York/Pennsylvania/Florida/Ohio! Move da f**k ovah ta da right!”

10. “Friggin’ Giants!”

11. “Friggin’ Jets!”

12. “Friggin’ Yankees!”

13. “Friggin’ Mets!”

14. “Gimme a buttered roll and a regular coffee.” (ordering the Breakfast of Champions, a hard roll – known in some non-Jersey places as a Kaiser roll, with butter and a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. I prefer coffee free of adulterants).

15. “I gotta pay tax on what??”

16. “Don’t worry. I kin getchya a job. My cousin is the _____________.” (fill in the political title).

17. “I hear he’s locked up. I voted for him. Good guy.”

18. “Sinatra” (Said with bowed head in reverence)

19. “Enchilada? What da f**k is dat?”

20. “California? You gotta be shittin’ me!”

21. “Gimme a ripper.” (Ordering a well done hot dog at the famous Rutt’s Hutt – a ripper is pictured at the site)

22. “Real cheap! It fell off da truck.” (Sale on stolen merchandise!)

23. “I’m goin’ ta A.C. for a couple a days. I got comps.” (Translation: “I will be spending two days in Atlantic City. The hotel has provided a free room and free food.”)

24. “When’s da bus ta A.C.?” (Translation: “When is the bus to Atlantic City due to arrive?”)

25. “Da guy’s a stroonz!” (Translation: “The gentleman is not very bright.”) [Stronzo — is Italian for “turd.”]

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