November 1, 2008

Tigerhawk on Being Called “Selfish.”

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TigerHawk, one of New Jersey’s premier bloggers, and a person I have had the distinct honor of hanging with on two occasions, is a friendly guy with a wonderful sense of humor. He brings careful and dispassionate analysis to the many entries he posts.

With that said, he was not happy with the insinuation by Barack ______ Obama that anyone who opposes Barack ______ Obama’s tax plan (which would include Yours Truly) is “selfish.” How do I know this?

TigerHawk actually dropped the F-Bomb.

Thanks, TH. I couldn’t have said it better.

His Wingmen.

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Men who flew with him and who were held captive with him in North Vietnam, speak up for Senator McCain in Wingmen for McCain.

Go read. NOW. Then, pass it along.

Thanks to my friend, Brian the Air Force Vet.

“If I Help Him, He’s Gonna Help Me.”

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Pathetic? Sickening? Enraging? Terrifying?

All of the above.

If Barack _____ Obama wins, this woman will be in for quite a shock in January.

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