November 6, 2008

Election Aftermath.

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Several friends called me since the election to make sure that I hadn’t thrown myself in front of a speeding train. Let me say that, other than the frustration of losing internet access on election night (thank screw you, Comcast), and other than the dramatic spike in my alcohol consumption and a dramatic plummet of my happy quotient, I am fine coping.

I am still reeling from the election results, so my thoughts remain somewhat disjointed. But, here are a few snapshots of the kinds of things that are swirling around in my cruller at the moment:

Barack Obama
I believed during the campaign and I believe now that, as President, Mr. Obama, a lifelong leftist and class warfare artist, who has accomplished nothing other than winning elections and who has made no secret of his intentions to redistribute wealth, to gut the military, to increase the size and reach of the federal government and to tax the nation into prosperity, will be a disaster of major proportions to the Republic. The country has elected a man to serve as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, who, by virtue of his past associations, would not be granted a security clearance (as I previously have said) to mop the floors at CIA Headquarters. It is astounding to me.

As I sit here, I cannot think of a single position stated by Mr. Obama with which I agree. There must be one. Gotta be at least one. … Nope. It looks like I’ll have to get back to you on that.

The Press
Perhaps the saddest thing about this election is the death of anything resembling objective news reporting. The mainstream media was too busy slobbering all over The One to spend any time properly vetting him. There was no serious effort to learn about Obama’s activities while he attended Columbia or Harvard or while he served in the State Senate, or worked in his law practice. Someone applying for a middle management job in a corporation has to furnish precisely that type of information and yet the country has “hired” a president without any of it. Astonishing.

The press did manage to swing into rapid action and spring loose hoards of reporters to descend upon Wasilla to seek out dirt on Sarah Palin. In no time, they broke the blockbuster tanning bed story – that is when they weren’t engaged in grotesque speculation about who did and who did not pass through Governor Palin’s birth canal.

News organizations also showed their class and their investigative power when in twenty-four hours they essentially eviscerated a private citizen (with the help of Obama-supporting government workers), whose transgression was asking a question of The One, which caused The One to actually answer truthfully. Disgusting.

The Reality
The reality is that Barack Obama won the election and will be the country’s next President. Yes, I believe he won with the help of a fawning mainstream media, questionable voter registration tactics and boatloads of money, but win he did. Power will peacefully transfer, and that’s a wonderful thing. Is he my President? Yes he is, even though I agree with nothing he stands for. That’s the way it works.

So, like it or not, we are all in this together particularly if the nation’s security is threatened by today’s enemies, who don’t discriminate when it comes to their desire to kill Americans. It matters not to them whether you are rich, poor, middle-class, Christian, Jew, white, black, brown, yellow, red, Democrat or Republican. We pray that, in such circumstances, our President has the wisdom and courage to do what is right for all Americans.

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