November 28, 2008


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Because this year Thanksgiving fell on November 27th, it overshadowed a truly important and unmentioned event.

OK, I lied about the “important” thing.

You see, as of yesterday, this blog turned six years old. Who’d a thunk it?

I have written a few entries shy of 2,500, far fewer than written by many bloggers, but far greater than any number I would have imagined six years ago. I’d go on and on about why I take the time to write the silly stuff I do, but there is nothing quite as boring as reading the drivel of a blogger on the subject of blogging.

Let me just say that the best thing that has come of this exercise are the people I have come to know, both in the cyber-world and in, as they say, the “meat world.” Many will be friends for life, for sure.

Beyond that, I can only offer my heartfelt thanks for taking a piece of your valuable time to stick your head in the door of the House by the Parkway. It continues to amaze and humble me.


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