November 3, 2008


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At this point, there is nothing I can write, whether intended to be funny or intended to be serious, that would change the mind of anyone who plans to vote for Barack _____ Obama. If you have chosen to vote that way, I figure that you are either: (a) an ivory tower type who actually thinks redistribution of wealth is a swell idea, (b) a person who feels the need to do something to prove to others and possibly to yourself that you lack racial animus, (c) a person who truly believes that Barack _____ Obama will deliver the eternally longed-for free lunch, or (d) a well meaning person who simply is not fully informed. If you fall into the (d) category I blame, to use Stanley Kurtz’s term, the “malfeasance” of the Mainstream Media. I believe that if you were properly informed, you would reconsider.

So, to those of you who believe in self-determination, capitalism, free-enterprise, a strong work ethic, private property, limited government, and the principle that everyone has a right to “pursue” happiness, please vote tomorrow.

For those of you who believe that government should provide for your every want or need from cradle to grave, please vote on Wednesday.

That is all.

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