June 5, 2004

Ronald Reagan.

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May this great American rest in peace.

It’s A Wonderful Life.

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OJ Simpson.jpgI caught all but the final segment of Katie Couric’s interview with O.J. Simpson on Dateline. I don’t imagine that I missed much in the final segment, because, frankly, I had heard enough.

It appears that Mr. Simpson is doing quite well, thank you. In fact, if one is to believe him, he is warmly welcomed everywhere he goes (and he has been “traveling extensively). According to the former football player, he is greeted particularly enthusiastically in the “island countries,” where the people think that he “beat the system.”

Here are some of the things I recall from the interview:

He lives in Florida, where he owns a home and where the laws are particularly friendly to people seeking to avoid paying creditors, such as the Brown and Goldman families, who obtained a multi-million dollar award in the wrongful death civil action against Simpson. That would be the action in which a jury found that it was more probable than not that O.J. murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. It would also be the trial that unearthed the photos of O.J. wearing the infamous Bruno Magli shoes that were tied to the murder and which he had denied ever owning in the earlier farce criminal trial.

He plays golf just about every day with “his buddies.”

He has a great relationship with his children, although they have never asked him what he thought happened to their mother. I would imagine that his children are aware that raising such a topic would not be a good idea in the O.J. house.

He maintains a cordial relationship with the parents of his slain wife, “for the sake of the kids.” Beyond that, he does not have much of a relationship with the Browns. Color me surprised.

He has no intention of paying any of the money awarded to the Brown and Goldman families, because “I didn’t commit that crime.” Interesting view of the law, that.

He lives off various pensions that he had created in some of his companies “for a rainy day.” It has been reported that these “pensions” that have been reported to be worth $4 million, all of which is beyond the reach of creditors.

In sum, he has a great life.

Sadly, one cannot say the same for Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. They will have been dead for ten years this June 12th, and they will remain dead, while O.J. continues to play golf with his “buddies,” travel extensively, and enjoy the good life in the Sunshine State.

Even if Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman could miraculously rise from the dead and point to O.J. as their killer, it would not matter, because the “Juice” has already gotten away with murder.

Update: Thanks to Azygos for catching my unintentional omission of the word “not” in my speculation about the reason why O.J.’s children have never asked him what he thinks happened to their mother.

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