June 25, 2004

Hrie@yahoo.com Redux.

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Colin at Middle Gray has issued a warning that hrie@yahoo.com has returned with a new, bogus e-mail address (I was tagged this afternoon). He/she/it (I’m going with “he”) is now hrie@.yahi7o.com. Middle Gray has a good deal to say about MT Blacklist and other ways of dealing with this shit-spewing mutt. Although I don’t understand the technical stuff, I am sure that many of you will.

While no one can seem to identify “hrie,” we do know who his clients are. Do any of you technical types know of any way to spam his clients? Maybe if they got a taste of what it being done on their behalf, they would change their marketing practices.

I have also considered going to his clients’ sites (the one I received was for online poker at http://www.play-online-poker.greatnow.com) and seeing whether I can send an e-mail, and, if so, writing them a letter putting them on notice that I am holding them responsible for the actions of their agent.

Just a thought.


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“I think I’ll just make myself comfurtable in Mr. Recliner and watch the Discovery Channel for about ten minutes.”

That’s what I told myself about four hours ago.

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Morpheus – 1

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