June 7, 2004

Deadwood – The World According to Al, and Thoughts on Emmys.

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I had planned to write something about last night’s Deadwood episode, but I could not possibly have said it better than LeeAnn did.

Speaking of Emmys (Topdawg was in LeeAnn’s comments to the above post), here are my Deadwood Emmy candidates:

Ian McShane as Al Swerengen
William Sanderson as E.B. Farnum “Your repast awaits your mouth.”
Ray McKinnon as Rev. H.W. Smith – His portrayal of the Rev with creeping madness and physical debilitation brought about a brain tumor makes me physically uncomfortable. Absolutely masterful work.

I think that David Milch, the creator, executive producer, and head writer, also should get an Emmy, as should whomever does the wonderfully grubby costumes.

The season finale, “Sold Under Sin,” will air next week.

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