June 8, 2004

May We Have A Drum Roll, Please?

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Today is primary day in New Jersey for both parties. Hang on to your hats. Here are the winners (as fearlessly predicted by the New Jersey Network News Team):

Candidates for President:

Democrat: John Kerry
Republican: George W. Bush

Take a few cleansing breaths, because I know that was a shocker.

George Bush ran unopposed, but John Kerry (at last count with 92% of the vote) withstood a withering challenge from Dennis Kuchinich, who at last count had a couple hundred votes, Lyndon La Rouche (a well-known madman), and some guy from Newark named George Ballard, whose family and friends (some of them, anyway) turned out.

In fact, in my district, the ONLY candidate that was “opposed” for any office was John Kerry.

It was comical watching the New Jersey Network News Team try to turn this into something other than a huge yawn.

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