June 20, 2004

To the Fathers…

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I spent yesterday celebrating Father’s Day a day early with TJ and her husband, chilling out, having cocktails, eating, and having lots of laughs.

Today, I’ll spend some quiet time thinking about my dad, who didn’t have a chance to finish high school, but who was wise beyond measure, who worked hard his entire life, who could sing beautifully and play a guitar and who put a guitar in my hands when I was a little boy and insisted that I sing as well, who patiently ran his ass off holding on to the seat of a two-wheeler as I took forever to learn how to ride, who always referred to me as “son,” who taught me the importance of knowing history, who never once hit me and who only had to shake his head “no” for me to know that I was screwing up, who always, always stressed the importance of education, who was the best grandfather to my daughter that a little girl could ever want, who became the person I would consult about important issues once I became an adult, who loved a good story, and who passed away ten years ago.

I miss him every day.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

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