June 9, 2004

Living in the Crosshairs.

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Well, this gives me a case of the hot squirts.

Thanks (I think) to Roberto at DynamoBuzz.


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Dear hrie@yahoo.com:

I most certainly could not help but notice that you, via your seemingly inexhaustible supply of IP addresses, have been sending SPAM to my comments. I suspect that you have been sending similar fecal matter to thousands, if not millions, of others. Further, I have to assume that you know that bloggers own their domains and either host their blogs or pay a third party to host them. In either case, bloggers own and pay for their spots on the Internet. I assume you know this, because you are obviously sophisticated enough to command a pitiful operation that electronically fouls these sites, including mine.

I see that you do this on behalf of various entities, including finance companies and companies offering satellite television services. I frankly do not recall whether you also hawk pornography for a buck, because, by now, as soon as I see your hateful name, I go through the annoying and time-consuming process of deleting the barf that you leave on my site and ban yet another of your many IP addresses. My guess is, however, that you do hawk porn and that you would hawk child porn if the price were right.

Can you really make any serious money doing this? I know that there are lots of knuckle-walking, mouth breathers logging on to the web, but I honestly wonder how many of them read blog comments. Even assuming for a moment that there are a reasonable number of such pathetic souls reading blog comments, can it be that there are enough of them willing to actually click on one of your loathsome links to earn you enough money to keep you in beer, grass, kiddy porn, or whatever it is that makes your sorry ass happy?

You are lower than the lowest microscopic creature that can manage to live in a pile of steaming dog shit. I can think of absolutely nothing good to wish for you. To the contrary, I would not lose a second’s sleep were I to learn that you found your way to Rahway prison to spend the next few years “tossing the salad” of some of the human refuse who will be spending the rest of their lives locked up and who would just love to get their hands on the likes of you.

You miserable lowlife, how does it feel to know that there are thousands, if not millions, of people who feel about you exactly as I do?

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