June 16, 2004

Listen Up!

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Sgt. Hook, who is presently serving in Afghanistan, has organized “Operation Shoe Fly,” the goal of which is to obtain donations of shoes/sneakers for the children of Afghanistan. The details of the program are here and here, and helpful mailing instructions can be found here.

I suspect that, if you have children, you have a few pairs of like-new, but too-small shoes gathering dust in a closet. If you are grandparents, ask your kids to check their closets. Or, if you can spare a couple bucks, the next time you find yourself in Wal-Mart or Target thinking about buying a CD, why not spring for a pair of kids’ sneakers instead. “Operation Shoe Fly” will put those shoes to good use.

As the Nike folks say, “Just do it.”

Special note to the Usual Suspects: Waddya say?

Jon’s Party.

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By now, you have probably read about or heard about the little get together that Jon Bon Jovi hosted at his 17,600 square foot mansion humble abode in New Jersey to raise money for John Kerry. I thought I would share an e-mail I received today from a very good friend who lives, geographically, not very far from Bon Jovi’s house, but economically, light years away.

At Jon Bon Jovi’s Middletown mansion on the Navesink river at which 60 people paid $25K a couple to be in the house and 300 paid $1K to be in a tent on the patio, John Kerry said, “The middle class is going backward, working harder, two or three jobs…while people at the top are doing better….”

While he was sipping wine with his “middle class buds” I was stuck in traffic coming home from actually working all day and missing an appointment due to that traffic which was likely the result of all those middle class people taking off from their many jobs to attend his soiree.

Bon Jovi raised approximately $1 million for Kerry, bringing the total Kerry raised in New Jersey to about $4 million to add to his $120 million. Thank God, or Theresa might have had to dip into her $500 million.

John Heinz must be turning over in his grave.

I have to assume that my invitation was lost in the mail.

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