April 1, 2005

Sedentary and Farookin’ Dull.

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Clam.jpgI have often said that I use my morning walk time to mentally compose most blog entries. I never realized how true that is until my recent bacterial bout that kept me off my feet for damned near a week. Although I am now fully ambulatory and, as far as I am concerned, fully recovered, I still have a couple days’ worth of meds to take, so I am laying off morning walking until the meds are gone and I continue to feel good for a day or so post-meds.

Not walking in the morning has provided me with a bit more sleep time, but it has completely knocked the shit out whatever little creativity I have. I have temporarily lost that hour or so of mental space that almost never failed to spawn something moderately interesting or humorous to write about.

Right now, I feel about as creative as a piss-clam.

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