April 23, 2005

Beep Beep. You’re Busted!!

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Yesterday, a woman was hopping mad when she received a traffic citation for “unreasonable use of horn.” It seems she tooted her horn a couple times in support of a labor union’s picketing.

Where could such a thing happen?

Surely it must have happened in some ultra-conservative town, where free expression in the form of horn blowing is a no-no, and where one wouldn’t dare blow one’s horn in support of a labor union.

Nope. It happened in the place that is the self-proclaimed bastion of free expression.


Holy Crap.

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I was once shooting the breeze with a British guy, and he excused himself explaining that he had to go “have a crap.”

I thought, “Have a crap? In this country, we don’t have a crap; we take a crap.”

Why would anyone want to have a crap? Who in their right mind would what to posses a crap? However, on second thought, why would anyone want to take a crap, when after haven taken it, one would necessarily have it. It would make more sense for us to leave a crap, or part with a crap, wouldn’t it?

I gave this a bit more thought and decided that the word “crap” as used above does not refer to the noun i.e. the end result of the process of defecation. But, what is its meaning? When the word “crap” is used with having or taking, does it refer to the act itself? I don’t think so, because one really doesn’t have the act of crapping any more than one takes the act of crapping.

Oh, but the British have walks, just as we take walks, and we also take trips, don’t we?

Thinking about this was beginning to make my hair hurt. It is, after all, all crap.

You’ve just gotten a peek into the kind of swill that swirled around in my cruller during this morning’s walk. Fortunately, I also sometimes think of things that are worth a crap.

More Jekyll Updates.

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Moogie’s thoughts on the raucous drunken brawl learning experience at the “Georgia Writers Workshop” are here. The post contains pics, and at the end of the post she provides a link to the entire photo album.

Ward (a/k/a Mr. Moogie) weighs in here and here.

The abundance of spirits at the event provided everyone with a spiritual experience.

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