April 7, 2005

Computer Bugaboo???? (Updated)

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I have to do this quickly, because there is something going on here, either with Mr. Computer or Comcast.

Most of the time, I cannot get to the web. Occasionally, at random intervals, I can. I think this damned box may have a virus, but I am not sure. If I disappear for a time, you will know why.

Update: Something is really wrong here. Dammit!

Update: It appears that the problem may, at least in part, reside with Comcast (I still think that there is a cyber-nasty lurking around in this box). I called the toll-free Comcast number and the recorded voice said “We are experiencing a higher than usual call volume due to a service outage. Our engineers are working on the problem. To disconnect, press 1; to continue, press 2.” I pressed “1”. I’ve had it for today.

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