April 11, 2005

Bathroom Blogging.

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Restroom sign.jpgI have never been one to write on bathroom walls, nor do I advocate the practice. However, when using a graffiti covered restroom, it is impossible not to read the scribbling of others who find it acceptable to write on bathroom walls. Here, via Beautiful Atrocities, is a nice sampling of Restroom Graffiti. Here is a specific example from the collection, which I hope was not written in a restroom anywhere near where my friend Catfish lives.

Here is a site that is devoted to public restrooms. For the world traveler, the site lists “Clean Restrooms Around the World” and “The World’s Nicest Public Restrooms” (with pics). This would be very useful for Blackberry users who find themselves in places such as Basel Switzerland in wicked need of a restroom. You might find that you are within walking distance of a nice, clean, safe spot to take care of the biological imperative. I suppose that those who do not travel with a Blackberry (and who are hopelessly anal retentive) could use the site in connection with planning a trip and future craps.

As some of you know, I have been known to be so shitfaced absorbed in a scholarly discussion of blogging that I inadvertently entered a ladies room in Helen Georgia. At the time I was quite surprised to find that the ladies room was infinitely grosser than the men’s room. I have since assumed that to be an anomaly, and it may well be, however, it appears that there is some research to show that ladies rooms are more germ-laden than men’s rooms. I’ll be more careful in the future, as I’ll take messy over infectious any day.

Now, go forth and evacuate.

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