April 5, 2005

Jekyll Update.

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Well, I finally got around to arranging for my “wheels” for the boozefest Georgia Writers’ Workshop on Jekyll Island. I got it through Priceline.com for less than beer money. I’ll be arriving at the airport at 11:32 AM. If you see a lost-looking sorry ass wandering around the airport with “suitcase and guitar in hand,” that would be me.

Next, I have to hit Mapquest to find out how to get from the airport to “Ground Zero” on Jekyll Island. Frankly, that makes me nervous, because, as I told people asking for directions to Da Jersey Blogmeet, I can barely find my ass with both hands. I can see myself taking a tour of Alabama.


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What the heck is Parkway Rest Stop doing on this blogroll?

“Disclaimer” aside, I don’t think I like the implication.

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