April 14, 2005

Pickin’ and Packin’

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OK, so it’s the night before the Display of Drunken Debauchery of Egomaniacal Bloggers Georgia Writers (Writers’?) Workshop. I missed Woodstock (I was in service at the time), but I’m not missing Jekyll, the Yasgur’s Farm of the 21st Century (at least, for me). I’m stoked.

Damned if I can figure out what to pack, because I don’t really give much of a shit about that as long as I remember to bring my money, credit cards, glasses (the sign of a “Woodstock Generation Guy”), and my farookin’ guitar.

…..Fast Forward………

TJ and Mr. Surly just showed up, having come from the tax guy for a last minute tax return adjustment. We’re going to a local diner for diner food. I can put off packing yet again.

…..Fast Forward………

Ate a bunch of way too greasy (and, therefore, delicious) food, so now I really, really have to pack. No more putting it off.

……Fast Forward…….

Finished packing. I have a small suitcase full of what I currently think I will need. I really don’t know if I brought all the necessaries, but I did pack extra underwear, out of fear, instilled by my granny, that I might get hit with a bus and show up in the Emergency Room with dirty underwear. The ambulance people may shovel my guts off the street, but, by God, I’ll be wearing clean underwear.

I had done a bit of pickin’ last night to confirm that my fingers were still attached to my left hand and that they still moved on command. I had intended to do a bit more pickin’ tonight, but after the diner chow and a couple cocktails I think I’ll just pack Mr. Guitar and wing it in Jekyll.

Next stop, Newark Airport.

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