July 3, 2005

Da Bash.

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Shortly, I will be headed over to The Deck, where my friend and bodyguard Ken and the Deckmistress will be hosting their 25th Annual Fourth of July Bash. Just about all of the Usual Suspects will be an attendance, along with a clutch of others.

The weather is beautiful and Ken has the pool heated to “ahhhhhhh” temperature, thereby ensuring that we have plenty of opportunity to comfortably stand around in the water, eat “appetizers”, drink, smoke and bullshit exercise.

The menu items include hot dogs (made by a local German butcher), burgers, ribs, chicken, Italian Sausage, strombolis, kielbasa,, beans, and various salads, all home made.

Of course, the place has been stocked in advance with mass quantities of booze and beer, which will go well with the non-stop music pumped out of Bose outdoor speakers. I suspect that there may be a horseshoe game or three, replete with generous helpings of Jersey trash talking.

It promises to be a doozey.

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