July 11, 2005

New Guitar! (Updated with a Picture)

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It was in the nineties here today, and I spent the day flailing away at golf balls playing golf in the heat. I drank copious amounts of water and afterwards had a couple “Transfusions” (vodka, ginger ale and grape juice in a cocktail shaker), but I still was ragged out. I had intended to come home and just crash.

However, I had forgotten that the new guitar was scheduled to arrive today, and arrive it did. So much for crashing.

It was packed extremely well, so for me, getting it out of the box looked a bit like a W.C. Fields routine. The effort was worth it, because it is a beauty. It has a great feel and a wonderful tone. It is everything Rob said it was and more. He offered to buy it from me, if I didn’t like it, but it is definitely not for sale.

Thanks again to Rob for hooking me up with this gitfiddle and to Rob’s buddy, Willy, of Music and Things for a level of personal service that one does not often encounter.

I’ll be doing a bit more pickin’ before I get around to crashing tonight.

UPDATE: A commenter asked for pictures. We aim to please.

I posted pictures of the guitar here, but they are small. Here is a larger picture that I found on the web.

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