July 2, 2005


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Gut Rumbles logo.jpgIn about a week or so, my friend Rob expects his 2,000,000th visitor to Gut Rumbles. Yowza!!

He will be giving some most excellent prizes, along with a special Bonus Prize, to the 2,000,000th visitor.

Go forth and visit. In the unlikely event that this will be your first visit, I guarantee that it will not be your last. Rob is never at a loss for words.

Catfish and the Gator.

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I have made no secret of my fear and loathing of alligators. The sight of one of those creatures gives me a case of the hot squirts.

There are gators in a pond that is about 300 yards from Catfish’s house. The other day, one of these monsters, about 14 feet long, bit a 90 pound golden lab in two pieces and ate both pieces for lunch. Every time I think about that I get the shivers.

Cat has been trying to dispatch this beast and has the support of all of his neighbors (presumably who have dogs and children), except for one guy who likes having the pond full of gators. I’m thinking that Catfish ought to use that guy for bait.

Good hunting, Cat. But, be careful: those bastards can hit 35 miles per hour on land.

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