July 22, 2005

Can’t Face It.

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I’m just going to have to get along for another day with non-updated virus definitions. The thought of trying to wade through geekspeak on the Norton Anti-Virus support page and rummaging about in my C Drive appeals to me right now about as much as a swift kick in the stindeens.

Maybe tomorrow.

Not a Particularly Mahvelous Friday Evening.

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Tonight I have a bit of Life 101 to deal with. If that doesn’t end up running late (or involving cocktails), I may take a deep breath and noodle around with Mr. Computer.

You see, the anti-virus software, which I was so proud of myself for “successfully” installing, is not able to retrieve virus definition updates. According to the relevant “support page,” I have to delete some files on my C drive, a prospect that sends a very uncomfortable chill down my spine.

Knowing that my lack of techno-facility is exceeded only by my lack of patience, and my fear of causing a computer meltdown, I figure that I could end up looking like this guy.**

h/t Drunken Wisdom and Ramblings of an Ordinary

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