July 6, 2005

New Axe!

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My beloved Gibson Dreadnaught guitar is slightly more than four decades old. For far too many of those years it was dragged around and tossed in cars without a case. It has been to more drunken parties than I care to remember. It has been dropped, cigarette burned, and spilled on. And yet, it survived all that, still playing like a dream and sounding great.

Most recently, it made it unscathed through two Georgia Blogfests (hard parties, both) and their associated plane trips. It was after the most recent Blogfest that I decided that it is time to spare my beloved Gibson the potential perils of travel and to spare myself the stress of worrying that it might be damaged.

I, therefore, have been in the market for a guitar that is not overly expensive but still plays well, and sounds good. I want to be able to subject it to the rigors of travel and the hurly-burly of drunken brawls sing-alongs with friends, which always comes with the potential of damage to the instrument. At Jekyll, I played and admired the guitar that Rob brought, he having decided to leave his beloved Martin safely at home. A short while ago, I asked if he could hook me with one like his and he said he could.

True to his word, this morning, Rob went to see Willy, his guitar guy, and gave me a call about this Washburn guitar, which he had taken for a test drive and loved. Once I heard that Rob played it and liked it, it was a done deal. Here is a close-up of the nifty fret board, and, as you can see, it comes with a handy gig bag. (I’ll use my existing hard case for flying). It should arrive at my door early next week. I’m psyched.

Thanks to Willy, who is a real nice guy and who definitely knows his guitars. If you’re in the market for musical instruments, check out Willy’s Place, Music and Things. Nice selection and very nice prices.

Finally, a very special thanks to Rob for making it happen.

Now all I need to properly break in the new axe is a kitchen table, some good whiskey and a couple pickers taking turns doing tunes. It just doesn’t get any better’n that.

Movable Type Problems.

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It appears that Movable Type is experiencing some sort of technical difficulties that are way beyone my comprehension, but which are explained here.

If I drop off the scope, I assume that is why.


Rita’s Mondo Meme.

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The Lovely Rita, the Arkie lawyer and gorilla-stompin’ grandma, handed this meme off to me. Rita was one my early blogosphere finds, and to this day remains a daily read. As such, her offer is one I couldn’t refuse.

Here goes:

What I was doing ten years ago: I was doing pretty much what I am doing now, except: I wasn’t blogging, I was doing everything with fewer aches and pains, my hangovers didn’t last as long, I had fewer crowns, and I was paying monster tuition bills at TJ’s college, where only designer water is served.

5 years ago: Same shit, only I was a bit wiser than I was five years earlier (I think). And, TJ’s graduation put an end to the college tuition money pit.

1 year ago: I must have been ragged out, because I took the day off blogging to recover from last year’s Fourth of July Bash.

Yesterday: Returned to work, and after 10 minutes, the long weekend was a distant memory.

5 snacks I enjoy:
Peanut butter with anything
Potato chips
Ice cream
(Unfortunately, lately, my evening snacks consist solely of Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet A&W Root Beer. Some butter almond ice cream would be just swell, thank you.)

5 songs I know all the words to: I got a million of ‘em.

5 Things I would do with $100 million:
Retire, but probably take select pro bono cases that would permit me to have fun helping regular folks get even with some of the villains of the world, such as insurance companies, car dealers, and cable companies.

Buy a house on the ocean that contains, among other amenities, a recording studio.

Buy lots of musical instruments, including a grand piano and learn to play hell out of it.

Spend a year or so driving around the United States.

Share a substantial chunk of it with family and friends.

Party my ass off. (I know – that’s six, but what the hell, I’m loaded.)

5 locations I would like to run away to:
Key West
Cape Cod
Pretty much anywhere near the ocean.

5 bad habits I have:
Swearing (But I do it so well)
Peanut Butter Addiction
Bullshitting while driving resulting in a lifetime of missed turns
Insisting that those around me pay attention to the “really good parts” of a song.

5 things I like doing:
Making music
Listening to Music
Hanging with the Usual Suspects

5 things I would never wear:
Alligator hunting boots
A Clown costume
A Speedo (You’re welcome)
A “Kerry for President” Button
Overalls (Everyone who has ever worn them would know I was faking it.)

(Man, this is long!)

5 TV shows I like:
History Channel Stuff
Rachel Ray doing anything she wants

5 Biggest joys of the moment:
Good music
Good books
Good friends
Good whiskey
Good cigars

5 Favorite toys:
My big, fat, capitalist car
My guitars
My drum set
This obsolete computer (even though it hates me)
My roll of duct tape

Here’s where I’m supposed to identify 5 victims. I think I prefer to issue an open invitation to anyone who might like to play.

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