July 8, 2005

Wanted: Moose Mavens.

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Can this picture of a moose be on the level??? Holy cannoli!!!

I couldn’t find anything in Snopes.

Hey, what do I know? I’m from Jersey.

Picture shamelessly liberated from here.

Jersey Guy on the Scene.

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EMT Symbol.jpgYesterday I was listening on the radio to various eyewitness reports from one of scenes of the terrorist attack in London. Not surprisingly, the interviewees spoke with a British accent, except for one man, who spoke with no accent a Jersey accent.

Sure enough, the voice turned out to be that of Sean Baran, a native of Westfield, New Jersey, a town that is spitting distance from the House by the Parkway. Sean happened to be in London finishing up a twenty-week business internship as part of his studies at the University of Richmond. He just happened to be on a double-decker bus yesterday morning, when he saw injured people coming out of the exit for the subway. Recalling September 11th, when he had been a junior in high school, he jumped off the bus to help.

Sean Baran just happens to be an Emergency Medical Technician, and he introduced himself to a physician on the scene, who assigned him to perform triage on the injured people in the immediate area and otherwise to assist with treatment of the injured, which he proceeded to do with approximately 60 people.

He said that he had decided to take EMT training after the September 11th attacks so that he would be ready “if there ever was a next time.” Turns out there was.

Nice going, Sean. As we say around these parts, “Ya done good.”

The New York “Slimes”.

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Take a look at this. Apparently, one of the editors aspires to be the next Dan Rather.

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