July 25, 2005

Gorilla Stompin’ Rant.

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Enjoy Every Sandwich has posted the best rant I’ve read in a while. It deals with a bill being proposed by one of the maroons in the New Jersey Assembly that would ban smoking while driving. (Note: The BlogSpot permalink is not working, so scroll to July 25 for the Post entitled, “Destroy New Jersey Before New Jersey Destroys You.”)

I would have preferred that the Assembly tackle the issue of nose picking while driving. Ever get stuck in traffic next to someone who has his finger buried in his shnozzola up to the second knuckle? Ewwwww.

Seriously folks, New Jersey already has a perfectly good Careless Driving Statute, so we need this silly shit about as much as we needed, say, Golan Cipel.

Dax’s Will.

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I spoke with Dax Montana on the phone a week or so ago and he sounded fine. I saw him three months ago in Jekyll and he was in fine fettle. I, therefore, presume that his posting of his Last Will and Testament was an exercise in prudence (or a stroke of blogging genius).

The good news is that Yours Truly is named to receive a special bequest. Normally, for me to actually be named in a will, I have to draft it and sneak in the “Beloved Lawyer Clause.”

Dax farookin’ rocks.

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